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Oak Hills RV Village

6238 Caliente Rd.
Oak Hills , California 92344
Phone: 760-949-1716
Mobile: 909-877-5243

Oak Hills RV Village Runs alongside the I-15  

Top of Cajon Pass  in between Oak Hill Rd and Ranchero.

You can see us right off the freeway, we have a windmill.

Exit Oak Hills Rd. Offramp

-West Off I-15



OFFICE HOURS: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. After Hour Registration Information and instruction is located on the right side of the main office door. You will fill out in an envelope, seal it out and slip it through the front door. If you're paying with credit card, please see manager then morning.

              On-site Pull through avaliability  Spaces #23, #24, & #25 are located at rear side of office/Recreational building. Please call to confirm an open RV site

        Onsite Campground Host Cheryle